NHL Rumors: Does Sam Reinhart Stay or Go To Market?

With the Florida Panthers going to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final, there is not much time for GM Bill Zito to get work done. However, one player he will need to get a deal done with is 57-goal scorer Sam Reinhart.

Later in the segment, TSN Hockey Analyst Pierre LeBrun was asked about Reinhart and if he was going to market. LeBrun felt he was going to stay to stay with the Panthers.

Bryan Hayes: “Okay. All of a sudden things are happening here. We had those deals yesterday. And you know, there’s some good players available. Like Sam Reinhart is gonna get there. I think Montour’s gonna get there. Obviously you got Marchessault. You’ve got a number of guys.”

LeBrun: “wait a minute. Do you think for sure Sam Reinhart is going to market?”

Hayes: “I don’t know. I mean, we’re a week away, I guess. I mean, maybe he re-signs.”

LeBrun: “I think they’re gonna find a way to get him signed.”

NHL Rumors: Expect Sam Reinhart to Stay with the Florida Panthers, Brandon Montour???

Jeff O’Neil: “They’ve got 12 hours to get a deal done with that guy.”

LeBrun: “I know it’s crazy, right? Even though they literally have not done that much on that I think they’re gonna find a way. I think Montour goes to market.”

After going off script for a minute, they get back to the conversation, and again, LeBrun reiterates that he thinks Reinhart will stay in Florida.

Hayes: “What were you asking? I don’t remember. Reinhart going back to Florida. Yeah. So you think it’s gonna happen?

LeBrun: I think find a way and listen, if he comes back, I mean, I think he would find it really hard to leave again. I could be wrong. But you know, I’ve asked Reinhart a couple of times during the season about how this will play out and gosh, he loves it so much with the Panthers. He just built a huge place. Really happy there. I mean, if he stays it’s for certainly less than what other teams would be willing to pay on July 1. Plus no state income tax.

NHL Rumors: Panthers Look To Keep Both Sam Reinhart and Brandon Montour

But, you know, you would have Tkachyk making nine and a half million a year and Barkov making $10 million a year. I view that as an internal cap on that team. So, I would think that number would start with an eight.

However, LeBrun did think if he gets to market Reinhart could get $10 million.