NHL Rumors: Don’t Expect Brady Tkachuk to Leave Ottawa

Brady Tkachuk is Staying For The Time Being

TSN Hockey Insider Pierre LeBrun joined Jay Onrait on SportsCenter. When asked about the Brady Tkachuk trade rumours, LeBrun stated that they are untrue, but we have to see how things play out, especially a year from now.

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Jay Onrait: “You mentioned Matthew Tkachuk. Interesting story about his brother Brady that blew up over the weekend and turned out to really be nothing, but the concept was that Brady might get traded to his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. You know, that’s his hometown. That’s where his dad played. That’s where his family still lives. But as you wrote in The Athletic Pierre, the idea is very far-fetched.”

Pierre LeBrun: “Well, what I wrote is I reached out to Steve Staios to know what he thought of it all and, and I can tell you that the President of Hockey Operations and GM of the Senators wasted no time in responding and responded, I’m not gonna say angrily but certainly, in a very clear way, calling it complete BS and saying that there’s absolutely no trade talks happening with his captain.

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He reiterated what he said in February. Remember in February, he was asked about Brady Tkachuk trade rumors and he said he intends to continue to retool this team around his captain, not without him.

So he really slammed the door shut on that. But I mean, let’s be fair, I think we know there are people in St. Louis who would love to see that and that’s why these things might flare up from time to time, especially if the Senators have another disappointing season, right?

I think this conversation, might be more interesting in a year. That’s just me; no one is telling me that. But in the moment there appears to be absolutely nothing to that and nothing coming out of Brady Tkachuk’s camp Jay. He is very much an Ottawa Senators and you know, we’ll see where we go.”