NHL Rumors: Edmonton Oilers, San Jose Sharks and Erik Karlsson

TSN: Chris Johnston on the Edmonton Oilers and San Jose Sharks re-visiting trade talks for the second time this season involving defenseman Erik Karlsson.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

Host: “Meanwhile, over the weekend you tweeted that the Sharks and Oilers have re-engaged on trade talks involving Erik Karlsson. This would obviously be a massive deal should it go down.

Karlsson on pace for 111 points, which would be the most by a defenseman in over 30 years. Chris, do you get a sense that we are going to see a blockbuster involving Karlsson in the upcoming days or weeks?

Johnston: “Well, it’s probably too soon to say with any definitiveness whether this will happen. I still think it’s rather notable for at least the second time this year the Sharks and Oilers are trying to see if it can happen.

Those teams are exploring at least what this might look like financially. I mean, that’s a huge huddle on both ends of the equation.

Erik Karlsson on pace for the kind of season, he is playing as well as he is, you would think for sure he should be dealt. Especially cause San Jose is of a mode where they’re trying to sell off as many assets as they can. Clear up their cap picture.

But with $11.5 million against the cap for Karlsson for the next four years, plus the pro-rated amount for this season, that’s a difficult trade to maneuver. I think there are ways it could happen. The Oilers are dreaming big. I think there top players would like to see another puck-moving defenseman added to the team at the deadline. You probably can’t do any better than Erik Karlsson there.

But there’s a lot of work to be done between the Sharks and Oilers to try and complete a trade with this many moving pieces.”