NHL Rumors: Fits and Comparable for Brock Boeser, and what’s next for the Vancouver Canucks

Potential fits and trade comparables for Brock Boeser

Frank Seravalli of Daily Faceoff: Vancouver Canucks forward Brock Boeser has two years left on his deal at $6.65 million. He’s dealt with injuries and is having a down year.

Potential fits for Boeser are the New Jersey Devils, New York Rangers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Calgary Flames, Washington Capitals, Minnesota Wild, and the Buffalo Sabres.

Trade comparables

To Vegas: Evgeni Dadonov
To Ottawa: Nick Holden, 2022 3rd Round Pick (the other Elias Pettersson)

To St. Louis: Pavel Buchnevich
To N.Y. Rangers: Sammy Blais, 2022 2nd Round Pick (Elias Salomonsson)

What’s next for the Vancouver Canucks?

NHL Network: Bo Horvat has been moved, so what’s next for the Vancouver Canucks

** NHLRumors.com transcription

Adnan Virk: “Well the Canucks, they opened the floodgate to the (Bo) Horvat trade last week, where do go from here now with them?

David Pagnotta: “Well everybody wants to see who they’re potentially going to move out next, and you had some guys on that board with Luke Schenn and of course Brock Boeser.

There is belief, especially over the weekend, I was told trade talks have picked up with respect to Brock Boeser and some of the teams that are interested in him. He’s got two more years left on his contract, $6.65 million cap hit. So there is term there.

But the dollars based on his performance not only this season but last as well, have been somewhat concerning to a few teams. Which could result in either the Vancouver Canucks retaining money on Boeser’s contract or they’re going to have to take a body back as part of that deal.

Vancouver Canucks players who could get traded at the deadline
NHL Network

He’s not the only one you see up there. You have Tyler Myers, Conor Garland, Luke Schenn that we discussed. These are all players being discussed right now.

Everyone, again, is trying to see who could be one of the next guys that is going to leave. But things have definitely picked on up Boeser’s front, and my understanding is they would prefer, Vancouver would, to get something done well ahead of the trade deadline. We’ve got 25 more days to figure that out.