NHL Rumors: How Much Will Elias Lindholm Change the Lineup, and Are There Long-Term Plans?

What are the cascading effects of the Canucks acquiring Elias Lindholm and is he in their long-term plans?

Sportsnet: Vancouver Canucks president Jim Rutherford when asked about the cascading effects of bringing in Elias Lindholm.

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Marek: “You know, one of the things I was mentioning earlier in the program and sort of speculating on was the cascading effect. So Lindholm enters the mix with the Vancouver Canucks. It’s going to affect other, other players’ ice time, linemates.

I don’t know if it does anything for anything off the ice for contract negotiations. Is this insurance against a negotiation? Don’t know about that.

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But when you looked at it bringing in Lindholm. What’s the sort of what’s the cascade here like who else is affected when you bring in someone like Lindholm?”

Rutherford: “Well, from a team point of view right now, I don’t think it affects a whole lot. You take Kuzmenko out of the top six, actually out of that one line of the Petterson line, and you put Lindholm in. So it shouldn’t affect anybody immediately.

We, we do look at the two possibilities. Lindholm could be a rental. He could be a long-term guy. In an ideal world, we’d like to keep him long-term, but we’ll see how that goes.

And and of course if he, if we do keep a long term, yeah, it will affect, it’ll have a domino effect of how many players we can keep from a cap point of view.

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But we got a long ways to go here. We got over 30 games to go and hopefully a number of playoff games and, and that stuff usually sorts itself out. We’ll be able to figure that out once we get to the end.”