NHL Rumors: If Loui Eriksson Doesn’t Have a Good Training Camp, He Could Be Sent To Utica
If Loui Eriksson doesn't have a good training camp the Vancouver Canucks could send him to Utica and not even keep him for the taxi squad.

Sportsnet 650: Satiar Shah on Vancouver Canucks Loui Eriksson’s and how important this training camp is for him.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

“You look at how the team is built out right, and you know the one guy we talk about so much Walks, was Loui Eriksson. Hey, as long as Loui is here Travis knows he can trust him. He gives a certain baseline and he might be able to play.

I think this camp for Loui Eriksson is the biggest camp he’s had as a Vancouver Canuck. And I’m not saying for him, you don’t necessarily being a top-six player. if Loui looks a bit belabored and that was kind of the report today from camp. He didn’t look like he was skating as well as he has in the past. He didn’t look as engaged as some of the other guys are.

Like Loui could get sent to Utica if he doesn’t have a good training camp, like forget taxi squad. He could get sent to Utica if he doesn’t have a good camp this year and I think that is something to keep a real close eye on.

If Travis doesn’t feel like Eriksson can bring the same PK ability and if that speed isn’t quite there and he’s not bringing the finish anyways. You saw him go away from Loui in the postseason, especially once you played the Vegas Golden Knights. You say him try to go away from that, it was, it had reached the peak of his utility having Loui Eriksson in that spot.

If Loui’s not moving well, we might see Loui get dispatched and I’m not sure how much of an appetite he might have to spend time in Utica. Maybe he does it this year, but if he gets sent down this offseason Walks, that pretty much tells you right when camp breaks, that pretty much tells you he’ll be sent to Utica if he comes back next season as well. And how bad does Loui Eriksson want to collect his paycheck.”