NHL Rumors: Is Noah Hanifin The Next Domino To Fall in Calgary?

How Long Before Noah Hanifin Gets Moved Out of Calgary?

TSN Hockey Insider Chris Johnston joined SportsCenter with Jay Onrait and was asked when Noah Hanifin will be moved and the price for a team acquiring him.

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NHL Rumors: The Noah Hanifin Watch Continues

Jay Onrait: “Yes, let’s talk about Noah Hanifin. Maybe he can make it up on that deal. Hanifin is number one on the trade bait board. But Chris, how quickly do you think this deal could potentially get done?”

Chris Johnston: “You know, it doesn’t seem like anything is percolating at this time. I mean, certainly, there have been teams expressing interest in Hanifin, and I think what’s to note about this case as well, he is a pending UFA.

I think some of those teams trying to work out a deal with Calgary are interested in perhaps exploring an extension with him. And so because of that extra layer of a moving part, it might not happen as quickly because, theoretically, the Flames have to get to a spot where they liked the trade return.

And then there has to be a contract ironed out, but you know, Hanifin, now, there are nine days for Craig Conroy, really, to work through this deal, and it’s gonna be a big one.

NHL Rumors: Noah Hanifin, Chris Tanev and Who Is Interested

I mean, he’s younger than Chris Tanev, you would think that he will get back at minimum the first-rounder plus although, what’s been interesting about this year’s trade action is there hasn’t been a lot of it. We don’t have a lot of comparables out there just yet. And so I still think we’re getting a feel for the exact spot where the market is at right now.

But when it comes to Hanifin, I’ve been told there are four or five teams around there; as reported previously, the Tampa Bay Lightning are among them. I think the Boston Bruins have kick tires on what would be a hometown boy, and there are a couple of others that are looking to make this deal and perhaps sign Hanifin to a longer-term contract.”