NHL Rumors: Jakub Vrana will be traded or bought out, and Patrick Kane has thought about a different jersey

Jakub Vrana likely done with the Red Wings

Nick Alberga: Have been hearing that forward Jakub Vrana has likely played his last game for the Detroit Red Wings (he’s playing for their AHL team). Don’t count on a recall.

He will likely be either traded by the deadline or bought out this offseason.

David Pagnotta: Have been hearing the same as Nick regarding Vrana.

He has one year left at $5.25 million and he’ll be gone one way or another by the offseason.

Patrick Kane has thought about wearing a different jersey

Tracey Myers of NHL.com: Chicago Blackhawks forward Patrick Kane said he’s still undecide on what he wants to do but has thought about the possibility of putting a different jersey on. Kane said there are opporunities and it could be exciting as to what his options might be.

“We talked about it in the summer with Pat (Brisson, his agent),” Kane said. “We’ll just probably be taking it up to the deadline and making a decision. I mean, he’s told me a few that have reached out to him. So yeah, we’ll probably talk about that possibly too, if that’s an option of getting traded and obviously figure out a team that could be the best fit. But we’re not really at that point either.”

Blackhawks executive officier Danny Wirtz said that Kane and Jonathan Toews will be “cemented in Blackhawks history” and the sides will do what’s right for the players and organization.

“The hard part of these things is, it’s sort of a decision we have to make at this stage of their career. But we’re going to let that play out as it needs to from the players’ perspective, the agent and obviously Kyle all working together, in constant contact to do what’s right for the players and do what’s right for the organization.”