NHL Rumors: Joe Thornton and Julius Honka
The San Jose Sharks and Joe Thornton
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Joe Thornton tempted by the fruits of playing elsewhere

Kevin Kurz of The Athletic San Jose:  Again, the Joe Thornton mindset is important here. There’s a little on what he is feeling now.

“I feel great. As the season goes on I always feel like I’m getting better and better, so that’s a good sign,” Thornton said. “Like I said, I don’t feel like this is my last year or anything like that. I feel like I can keep going and keep contributing. That’s where my mind is at right now.”

There is truth to this. Thornton plays better as the season goes along and the idea of several teams wanting his services intrigues him. Admittedly, the center believes this is next to the last shot but not the final. The idea of going for a Stanley Cup and even coming back to San Jose is very tempting.

Jimmy Murphy of Boston Hockey NOW:  Rumors swirl intensely on Joe Thornton and especially from Boston. There are at least five teams in the race now. Those include Boston, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Colorado, and Tampa Bay.

Something could happen early on Monday or a little later. However, the feeling exists that this is more certain than it was 48 hours. If one loves the vague language, this is because Thornton has not been formally asked to waive just yet. The only time one will hear it is when the trade happens. Finally, no team on this list has an inside track on Thornton either.

How to get Julius Honka out of Dallas?

Dallas Morning News Staff:  A persistent question in Dallas is what to trade for when it comes to Julius Honka. Honka wants a trade and so far, nothing has come. Here is what Dmitri Filipovic proposed. Honka cannot play this season and will be an RFA in the summer again. The same dance could continue.

A proposed trade lands Andreas Athanasiou and a 2021 second-round pick for Honka’s services. Detroit needs a defenseman so desperately and Dallas could use a speed rushing winger.

This seems unlikely but intriguing as Dallas gets ready for the trade deadline. In short, don’t hold your breath on a Honka trade. Joe Thornton traded before Julius Honka is likely.