NHL Rumors: Los Angeles Kings, Philadelphia Flyers, and the Calgary Flames
Los Angeles Kings talking to two pending free agents ahead of the deadline. Notee on Scott. Laughton. Derek Ryan on being in the rumor mill
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Kings talking to two pending free agents ahead of the deadline

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman on what is going on with the Los Angeles Kings.

“Well we mentioned Iafallo, that they are working, grinding away to see if they can get an extension done.

Talks have also begun with another player who does not have term for next year, and that is Andreas Athanasiou. The Kings are looking to see if there is a fit, they can keep him beyond this year as well.”

Finding a new home for a Flyers defenseman, and notes on Laughton

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman on Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Erik Gustafsson.

“One of the defensemen I did want to mention, Erik Gustafsson of the Flyers. Hasn’t worked out well for him this year but think the Flyers are looking to see if they can get him a new home to pump up his value after the deadline.”

On Flyers Scott Laughton

Charlie O’Connor: “Seems to me that the bulk of the “the Flyers NEED to trade Laughton” people are driven by 2 ambitious assumptions:

1) he’ll bring back a 1st (possible, but I’m skeptical of this)

2) if he loves Philly so much, he’ll sign back as UFA (this doesn’t happen as often as you’d think)”

Charlie O’Connor: “If you simply believe that they need to turn over 50% of roster because it’s inherently broken, or you don’t think a center/wing middle-sixer good for 30-40 pts per year is worth a Pearson-ish cap hit, then sure, advocate to trade him. But don’t do it based on those assumptions.”

Flames Ryan on having his name in the rumor mill

TSN: Calgary Flames pending unrestricted free agent Derek Ryan on the trade rumors.

“Yeah, it’s kind of cliche but obviously just focusing on the game . That being said, I’ve been through this before in Carolina, a couple of expiring contracts there where my name was floating around. At the end of the day it’s out of my control. I can control how I play and how I practice from there.

But, in terms of trade deadline things, that’s out of my hands. So it’s not really worthwhile for me to worry about it, stress about it. Whatever happens, happens.

I’d be happy to be here in Calgary after the deadline but like I said, out of my control.”