NHL Rumors: Montreal Canadiens, and the Vancouver Canucks

The Canadiens will be busy ahead of the trade deadline

TSN: Kenzie Lalonde on the Montreal Canadiens and how busy they could be leading up to the March 3rd NHL trade deadline.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

“As trade deadline approaches, expect the Montreal Canadiens front office to be busy as the organization continues to build for the future. Kent Hughes will have his eyes on the three P’s from now until the end of the season – picks, prospects, and the price tag for Cole Caufield.

Hughes has expressed interest in obtaining a third first-round pick but will need the talent to land it.

As the team continues to experience injuries, it certainly poses challenges but also opportunities to maximize the available cap space.

The unrestricted free agents are (Jonathan) Drouin, (Evgenii) Dadonov, and Sean Monahan. Teams looking for a top-six forward, more specifically an elite-level centerman, will continue to monitor Monahan’s recovery from his most recent lower-body injury.

And then there’s Joel Edmundson. Elite-level defender who has extensive playoff experience who could help teams that are looking to go deep in the post-season, but for the right price.

Kent Hughes has expressed his acknowledgment of trade rumor discussions surrounding Edmundson and also Josh Anderson since becoming general manager. These are two big fish that could yield great results for the Montreal Canadiens

The final piece on Kent Hughes’ agenda will be to negotiate Cole Caufield’s contract. We look at Nick Suzuki who has signed for eight years, $63 million and expected to be in and around those numbers as both parties have expressed interest in a long-term deal.”

Could the Canucks find a new home for Jack Rathbone?

Sekeres and Price: Rick Dhaliwal on Vancouver Canucks defenseman Jack Rathbone

** NHLRumors.com transcription

“Hearing there could be some interest in Rathbone ahead of the trade deadline. He’s currently injured. Won’t be back till after the All-Star break.

I get the feeling the Canucks, if the Canucks are not going to use him at the NHL level, they would be open to moving him to a team that would give him a better chance to play in the NHL. All any prospect wants guys, is just a glimmer of hope from the team that drafted them, that you’re going to get an opportunity.

Now, go back to Travis Green and go back to Bruce Boudreau. He never got an opportunity with Green or with Boudreau. So you can understand why the kid might be wondering, do I have a future in Vancouver.

So just monitor that for the next four weeks.”