NHL Rumors: Edmonton Oilers, Columbus Blue Jackets and the Florida Panthers
The Edmonton Oilers are open to the idea of trading Jesse Puljujarvi if the return is right.

Oilers open to trading Puljujarvi

TSN: Ryan Rishaug of TSN reported that the Edmonton Oilers talked to Jesse Puljujarvi’s agent Markus Lehto yesterday.

The Oilers are open to the idea of trading Puljujarvi if they are able to find the return they deem proper.

The idea of sending him to the AHL to help boost his offense and confidence is under consideration.

The fourth overall pick in 2016 has only four goals and five assists on 45 games.

Darren Dreger was on TSN 1260 earlier this week.

“There is a trade market for Jesse Puljujarvi, but my understanding is that the Oilers just want too much – the ask on him is way too high. I don’t even know what that is. I can take a guess at it when you start talking about either a top prospect or a first-round pick obviously plus something given where he was drafted.”

Dreger adds that he doesn’t think there much interest from Puljujarvi’s side about going to the AHL.

Gut feeling for McKenzie is that Panarin stays

Bob McKenzie: Gut feeling is that Artemi Panarin more than likely finishes the season with the Columbus Blue Jackets.

McKenzie on Huberdeau trade rumors

Chris Nichols of Nichols on Hockey: Bob McKenzie on NBCSN was asked about the Florida Panthers and any potential Columbus Blue Jackets trade involving Sergei Bobrovsky and/or Artemi Panarin.

There has been a lot of talk if any rumors involving Huberdeau are true or not.

“I believe that Huberdeau has been told by the Panthers, ‘We’re not trying to trade you. We’re not shopping you.’ You never get the full thing where a team says, ‘Under no circumstances will we ever trade you,’ because you know sometimes it just needs to happen. But I think he’s been assured in the short term anyways.”

McKenzie adds that yes the Panthers would like Panarin and Bobrovsky, but they would rather not give up an asset like Huberdeau, especially for pending free agents.

Now, the Panthers would need to move out salary if they were to be able to sign Panarin and Bobrovsky, Huberdeau and Mike Hoffman’s names are out there as possibilities.