NHL Rumors: On Cole Caufield’s injury and contract extension talks with the Montreal Canadiens

Sportsnet: Jeff Marek on 32 Thoughts on the Montreal Canadiens and pending RFA Cole Caufield.

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David Amber: “I know you have some news on some other players. The biggest news really in the NHL is the Cole Caufield news. If you missed it, shoulder surgery, out for the year. What else can you tell us?”

Marek: “Well, this has been talked about for the last eight to 10 days between all parties involved. And the last few games watching Cole Caufield, although he looked really good to my eyes, the last couple of games pretty much synched it, and I think all parties involved here just said, listen, let’s look to next season, get the surgery done.

Both sides are still going to negotiate here in good faith. One of the things to watch for in this upcoming deal for Cole Caufield, Nick Suzuki their captain is the highest-paid player on the Montreal Canadiens active roster at $7.8 million. Can Caufield climb higher than that or are they using Nick Suzuki as a ceiling?

Cole Caufield on the contract extension talks

TSN: Montreal Canadiens forward Cole Caufield on being a pending RFA and if he’s thinking about his next contract.

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“You try not to. You can’t really get away from it.  It’s everywhere, you hear it a lot. For me it’s just trying to stay away from it. It’s going to happen when it happens.

Obviously, I love being here. I love this team and this group of guys. Just take it one step at a time. For sure it’s in the back of my mind.”

Caufield was asked what is more key, the term or the money.

“Honestly, it’s, I don’t really see it like that. It’s probably just the best fit for me. My agents and the guys behind the scenes kind of take care of those things. I’m not too worried about the logistics.”

When asked if he’s one of those guys who wants to wait until the season is over or at any time. (Interview was before it was announced his season was over due to a shoulder injury)

“It’s going to happen when it happens. There’s really no rush to get there. Again, it will happen when it happens.”

Coming out of his entry-level deal, there will actually be negotiation talks this time around.

“I mean, obviously they’ve already started. It’s not really me doing the talk and the business, it’s those guys. It’s crazy, a cool business to be a part of but I try to stay away from those things. Let them handle it.