NHL Rumors: On if the Toronto Maple Leafs are interested in Patrick Kane, and he’s not signing anywhere for a ‘coupon’

OverDrive: Kevin Weekes when asked about Patrick Kane, what he’s heard and what Kane might be looking for in the contract.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

Hayes: “Where does Patrick Kane come into all this, not only with the Leafs …”

Weekes: “Oh, here we go.”

Hayes: “What’s, what is your projection year for Patrick Kane?”

Weekes: “You boys are firing it up, Right?

Hayes: “Yes. Yes.”

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Weekes: “Because I asked two people about this, including somebody very close within the Kane camp.

I could say that the Leafs are among the teams that have showed interest. I can, I can say that. They’re one of the teams that have expressed interest without burning confidence of the relationship.

Patrick Kane, I think, let me start, you know he was rehabbing and he’s been skating in Toronto.”

Hayes: “Yeah.”

Weekes: “Clearly being a Buffalo kid, you know, it’s close for his parents and his family, his sisters to be able to come the game if it does happen to be the Toronto Maple Leafs. They are in the mix in terms of interested teams.

He does not want to be a support player. He wants to be a player that’s counted upon. He wants to contribute. And Kaners like us and that he’s a hockey nerd. He watches hockey all the time. So he’s been watching all these games, all these teams, and trying to calculate where would be the best fit for him because he doesn’t want it to just be kind of a swan song. He wants to be on a team that he has a chance to play. He has a chance to contribute and more importantly, a team that he believes has a chance to make a run in the playoffs.

So if I’m, I don’t think I’m letting anything out of the bag, but the Toronto Maple Leafs are among those said clubs that have expressed interest for sure in Patrick Kane.

Jeff O’Neill: “As far as what he wants to be paid, Weeksy, is it like teams are fooling themselves if they’re calling up the king camp or thinking it’s going to be some bottom basement deal? Because he’s gonna have to understand that it’s Patrick Kane you’re dealing with here.

Weekes: “Yes. Yes. O-Dog. I didn’t know that you were, I didn’t know that you were an associate of Pat Brisson. I didn’t know you were one of Pat Brisson’s associates. I like it. I like it.

Well, of course Patty Brisson of CAA representing Patrick. But you’re right. I know that for a fact. Like he’s not coming there to get a, he’s not coming there to get a two-for-one pizza coupon to be able to redeem at Keele and the 401. Like he’s, he’s not going anywhere for that.

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Patty Kane, now listen, he understands the cap environment. He’s not going to come in and you know, try to really upend somebody’s cap. But nonetheless, you nailed it. This is Patrick Kane we’re talking about. You’re gonna at least have to compensate him fairly. That’s the part of the package. And if you think that you’re going to be getting him on a on a coupon or on a voucher, then I think anybody doing that will be sadly mistaken.”