NHL Rumors: Patrick Kane, Colton Parayko, Edmonton Oilers, and the Philadelphia Flyers

Patrick Kane trade call happening later tonight

Frank Seravalli: Sources are saying the New York Rangers will send a conditional 2023 second-round pick and a fourth-round pick to the Chicago Blackhawks for Patrick Kane. A third-team will be involved for retaining salary.

Emily Kaplan: The conditions are the second-round pick would become a first if they the Rangers make it to the Conference Finals. The first-round pick would be in either 2024 or 2025.

Emily Kaplan: Sources saying the Arizona Coyotes are the third team involved and will retain salary.

PuckPedia: “Because Schneider was already sent down prior to Miller suspension , #NYR have until the next game day (Wednesday) before needing to have 20 active players on roster. That’s critical because Schneider down yesterday & today created the space to trade for Kane tonight/tmrw”

Colton Parayko talk increasing

Darren Dreger: Have heard that action is picking up on St. Louis Blues defenseman Colton Parayko. He’s from Alberta. He carries a $6.5 million salary cap through 2029-30.

Ryan Rishaug: Don’t get the sense that moving out Jesse Puljujarvi‘s contract was required for another deal that the Edmonton Oilers have in place.

Don’t think they have anything finalized but it does open up options if they can find the right deal for a defenseman.

Mark Spector: The Oilers trading away Puljujarvi’s contract leans towards a Jakob Chychrun acquisition.

The Coyotes were not interested in taking a contract like Puljujarvi’s, nor are they interested in retaining salary.

Oilers GM Ken Holland has the ability to make a cleaner trade offer to the Coyotes.

The Flyers don’t plan on gutting the team

Charlie O’Connor: (thread) Philadelphia Flyers GM Chuck Fletcher on if they are going to be calling it a “rebuild.”

“I just… it’s terminology. I mean, are we going to gut this team? No. We’re not going to gut this team. I’m not looking to trade Tippett and Farabee and Frost and Gauthier and just trade everybody and start over.”

“But clearly we have to get younger & we have to find some more young assets. I think what we’re going to try to do is probably more in line with what most of the teams in the league have tried to do the last few years.

You keep some of your better assets, and if you can move a couple other players out to get younger, then we’ll do that. The timing of how you do things is important. And it really depends on the market. The goal is to get better, and to get value — not just to move guys out.”