NHL Rumors: Paul Fenton, Ottawa Senators, and Tyler Myers
Eric Staal and Paul Fenton got together to iron out a new deal for the Minnesota Wild forward.
Paul Fenton on the Minnesota Wild

Michael Russo of The Athletic (Q&A):  Again, there remains a lot going on with the Minnesota Wild. Paul Fenton does not have it easy. There is a shrinking window with a team who did not make the playoffs last year.

Paul Fenton signed Gerry Mayhew to a two-year, two-way deal last Friday. That increases the flexibility on the right wing side. Mayhew scored 27 times in the regular season for Iowa and nine more times in the playoffs.

It looks like Paul Fenton and the Wild will stay at the number 12 pick. Fenton also emphasized the need for depth. He will not trade the youth but added anything is possible.

Jared Spurgeon remains a priority so do not be surprised to see an extension. What Paul Fenton does during the draft and free agency (Eric Staal, etc.) will shape this team for the next several seasons.

Ottawa Senators road to redemption?

Graeme Nichols of The Athletic:  Although the Ottawa Senators claim to be trying to do things to rectify their woeful appearance on and off the ice, the reality is more muddled. In the eyes of the media and fans, Ottawa, its ownership, and coaching staff can do little right. Most fans are apathetic at this juncture. Eugene Melnyk painted himself into a corner with this team. Until actual moves are made, little will change.

If Ottawa does not break the cycle, it will not matter how many draft picks they have or potential talent. Ottawa spending money must happen, period!

Vancouver should stay away from Tyler Myers

Patrick Johnston of The Province:  As teams ponder which free agents to try and sign. One free agent Vancouver should avoid is Tyler Myers. Myers does have 30+ points in his last two seasons but he is 29. Also, his minutes getting sheltered already is an ominous sign. He is alright as a number four defenseman but anything above that is a disaster.

Someone may just overpay Myers thinking he is that critical piece. However, the reality is he is not. His time on the top-pairing of Winnipeg showed that fact abundantly. Stay away from Tyler Myers. Stay away.