NHL Rumors: Scouting MTL-SEA, and the Boston Bruins

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Scouting the Montreal Canadiens and Seattle Kraken

Stu Cowan: Scouts listed to attend last night’s Montreal Canadiens – Seattle Kraken game include the Calgary Flames, Chicago Blackhawks, Edmonton Oilers, Minnesota Wild, Seattle Kraken, Vancouver Canucks, Washington Capitals, and Vegas Golden Knights.

David Pastrnak may want $12.5 million per

John Buccigross: Guessing that the Boston Bruins have offered David Pastrnak the same contract Johnny Gaudreau signed with the Columbus Blue Jackets – eight years at $9.75 million per. Maybe they went to $10 million and are hoping for $11 million.

Could see Pastrnak wanting eight years at $12.5 million.

Can’t see Pastrnak signing for less than Artemi Panarin‘s $11.642, and why should he take less?

The Bruins should explore a Horvat deal, what a DeBrusk extension could look like, and few other Bruins notes

Fluto Shinzawa of The Athletic: (mailbag) The Boston Bruins acquiring Vancouver Canucks forward Bo Horvat wouldn’t be an easy move for them to pull off. It would likely cost a first-round pick and a top-end prospect, as well as being able to fit in his $5.5 million cap hit. The Bruins would want to sign him to an affordable contract extension as well. The Bruins should explore the idea.

The Bruins and David Pastrnak’s camp continue to disagree on his worth but the Bruins will eventually have no choice but to re-sign him. Think it will take $12 million on a long-term deal.

It’s highly unlikely that the Bruins would include Jeremy Swayman in any deal unless an NHL goalie was coming back in the deal.


The Bruins wouldn’t have any complaints about adding Patrick Kane. Money would need to be moved out and salary retained.

If Jake DeBrusk continues to play well, it may take a six-year, $42 contract extension.

Can’t see the Bruins trading Matt Grzelcyk at the deadline to try and improve their top four.