NHL Rumors: Seattle, Minnesota Wild, New York Islanders, and Columbus Blue Jackets
A strong possibility that the Columbus Blue Jackets trade forward Josh Anderson.
Seattle could hire a coach soon than expected

TSN: Pierre LeBrun said that Seattle had originally been expected to hire a head coach anytime between January and June 2021, but ownership has given Ron Francis the go ahead to hire a coach as early as this summer.

“But when you look at the depth at the coaching UFA position, you got Gerard Gallant who was fired this year in Vegas, Peter Laviolette of course is still out there. We know Bruce Boudreau is looking for a job and of course Mike Babcock. So that’s the kind of depth we haven’t seen at the coaching position in a while and so that’s why Seattle is thinking of hiring early.”

Islanders-Wild could re-visit trade talks

TSN: Bob McKenzie said that the complicated financial side of things didn’t allow the New York Islanders and Minnesota Wild enough time at the deadline to work out a deal involving Andrew Ladd and Zach Parise. Could the sides revisit a deal this offseason?

“Certainly I think Parise would look fondly on a chance to go with Lou Lamoriello to the New York Islanders organization that his dad JP once played for. So we are going to wait and see obviously how things transpire for both those teams but I think there’s a sense that there’s a chance this could get reinvigorated in the summer.”

Andy Graziano: “Lou was prepared to send Ladd/Bellows/1st for Parise/Koivu per Friedman and Russo.”

(Koivu told management he didn’t want to be traded)

Could Josh Anderson be moved this offseason

TSN: Pierre LeBrun believes there is a strong possibility that the Columbus Blue Jackets trade forward Josh Anderson. He’s a pending restricted free agent who is a year away from being unrestricted eligible. Do you sign long-term as you don’t want him to walk as a UFA?

“Well that’s one layer. The other layer is this. I think there’s been a difference of opinion between the team and the player’s camp about how to handle an injury that was originally announced as four-to-six weeks back in December, well now that’s two months ago. So I think there’s been some tension here and I foresee a trade and it’s going to be a big one. A 25-year-old power winger.”