NHL Rumors: Should the Vancouver Canucks move Anthony Beauvillier or Conor Garland

Sekeres and Price: Frank Seravalli when asked about the Vancouver Canucks and who to trade, either Conor Garland or Anthony Beauvillier.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

Blake Price: “Our poll question yesterday. Who would you most like to see traded out of the Vancouver Canucks? Beauvillier or Garland. Obviously, two guys in very different states. Ones headed towards the UFA, one got term and money, more significant money.

And people were fairly split, the poll was 60-30 but …”

Seravalli: “60-30 to who?”

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Price: “For Beauvillier. Because I think people see him as the most tradable because he’s headed toward UFA. Although of course, the biggest relief would be from Garland. So I think people can, were sort of weighing those two factors as to what would happen.

But the truth of the matter is Frank, it doesn’t sound like there’s much traction on either front here and, and the previous organizations that how long these players I think probably know how that feels. And these players do just enough to make you intrigued and then just little enough that you kind of want to move on.”

Servalli: “Yeah, and you probably bang your head against the wall sometimes watching them play because there is, there’s unquestioned talent there. Like Beauvillier’s a 20 goal scorer at some point and did it really early on in his career. And then you’ve got Garland who, you know, is this, you know, guy that’s a tiny guy, but it’s always in the mix. And I think that part is really you know, you need that on your team.

Personally, if I were voting my answer would be on Beauvillier. And it really is simple to boil down. Would you rather pay another asset to move on from a player? Or would you rather trade the guy that you can get off your roster for free? I think you, you know, take what you can get what’s right in front of you, and then you worry about the larger issue. If it still is one leader on this team might play so well that it really might not be that much of a concern.

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