NHL Rumors: The Vancouver Canucks are talking to Elias Pettersson’s agents but not to Filip Hronek’s

Donnie & Dhali: Rick Dhaliwal and Don Taylor talking about the Vancouver Canucks and two of their pending free agents Elias Pettersson and Filip Hronek.

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Dhaliwal: “All right, so talks continue with Petterson about the contract. This is a player club control for another year. He’s still not a UFA Donnie, till 2025. One person close to this situation told me to chill. C-H-I-L-L, chill. And he said…”

Taylor: “Thanks for that.”

Dhaliwal: “He says there’s no rush from either side. Petterson’s agent Pat Brisson met with Canucks GM Patrick Allvin last week in Colorado.

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Taylor: “He didn’t, he didn’t, he didn’t say that. He said he’s been talking to them but actually meeting face to face. Yeah,”

Dhaliwal: “So I have been told that Pat Brisson and Patrick Allvin met in Colorado last week. Obviously, about Patterson’s contract. This is a good sign that the dialogue continues. I don’t say it’s a pressure point for Pettersson.

Calgary GM Dhoni, Craig Conroy, he’s got pressure. He’s got Lindholm, Hanifin, Tanev and Zadorov. All four guys UFAs. That’s pressure, not what the, Petterson is still club control for one more year. Pettersen talks will continue but not at the pace everyone expects. And this is going to take time.

Taylor: “And.”

Dhaliwal: “And.”

Taylor: “Hronek.

Dhaliwal: “Hronek. Nothing there. Very quiet when I checked into Hronek. I don’t think, his agent was in town Donnie a couple of weeks ago, and I believe he kind of just you know, you know, met the Canucks in the hallway handshake. ‘Hey, how you doing?’ But there was no set meeting or anything.

But, uh, Hronek is quiet. But that’s when I, when I look at Petterson and Hronek contracts, I don’t know which one is going to be tougher Don. I don’t know which one’s going to be tougher. They’re both going to be tough.

Taylor: “Oh, I would think Pettersen just because he’s gonna demand more money.

Dhaliwal: “Yeah, right.”

Taylor: “But Hronek’s at four-one, a million. And I’m already hearing you know, is he gonna to ask for over eight? Is he going to ask for more than Quinn Hughes? Would you ask for more than Quinn Hughes? I wouldn’t ask for more than Quinn Hughes because the body of work.”

Taylor: “What are you talking about?

Dhaliwal: “What do you mean what am I talking about? Hronek, before he got to Vancouver, Don, his highest point total was 38. So hello. How do you go from 38 points…”

Taylor: “How many years ago did he sign that contract?”

Dhaliwal: “Yeah.”

Taylor: “A couple, a couple of years ago. Things change. But I mean, look at all the players in the National Hockey League that are making more than Sidney Crosby and as 8.7 million a year. He signed that deal and you know, things change, you know, fortunes change and you end up making more than the player who was arguably the best player in the National Hockey League the last 20 years. That’s the way things go.”

Dhaliwal: “That’s a good point. The other thing Donnie, the caps going up but unfortunately for the Canucks, they have a situation where they’re paying a guy who’s playing in Florida right now.”

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Taylor: “And playing well.”

Dhaliwal: “And playing well. But and he’s gonna ask, he’s gonna get $4.1 million in Vancouver to sit on his ass play somewhere else. You know, that doesn’t help. The caps going up, but they still gotta pay OEL.”