NHL Rumors: Vancouver Canucks – the Blueline, and Bo Horvat
Canucks considering blueline options but like what they have

Thomas Drance: Canucks GM Allvin on their blueline: “I guess you never know. We’re still looking at all our options, but I’m happy with the defense group we have.”

Bo Horvat talks are quiet

Rick Dhaliwal: Elliotte Friedman on contract extension talks between the Vancouver Canucks and Bo Horvat: “It is pretty quiet but it was quiet with Miller as well. There is a little bit of a gap but both sides want to get it done.”

Thomas Drance: Canucks GM Patrik Allvin on the Horvat talks: “We like Bo. We’re communicating with his camp. We’ll see if there’s a deal to be done here.”

Miller’s effect on Bo Horvat

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman on the Tim & Friends show on how J.T. Miller‘s contract extension with the Vancouver Canucks may affect a Bo Horvat extension.

“One thing I believe is, if you have good players and you want to keep them, you find a way to keep them. So, I always go with that until I’m told otherwise.

I still think the Canucks want to keep Horvat. As far as I know, Horvat wants to stay in Vancouver. I know there was a lot of optimism earlier as the season ended that there was something to get done. Obviously, they aren’t there yet. As we talk right now, I have no reason to panic if I’m the Canucks.

But, I think the one thing is, that we’re headed into a world that it looks like the cap could go up in two years. So I think what the teams are trying to do is navigate that. I think you know Ailish, what the market is for Horvat, it’s big, but at the end of the day, I always believe if the team and a player want to make it work, there are ways to make it work.”