NHL Rumors VIII: Gleason, Gorges, Boyle, Del Zotto and Kassian
  • Alec Brownscombe: The Maple Leafs will use a standard buy out on defenseman Tim Gleason. Chris Johnston: Buyout breakdown: $833,333 next season, $1.83 million in 2015-16, and then $1.33 million for the two following years. David Alter: After the buyout, the Leafs will have 11 players under contract with $23.6 million to spend.
  • Bob McKenzie: “Josh Gorges situation in MTL problematic for all. MTL had deal with TOR but Gorges refused to waive modified NTC to go to TOR. Still won’t. MTL appears to want to shed his salary/contract. Could trade him to 1 of 15 approved teams. Failing that, could put him on waivers. If it’s waivers, MTL gets no return but Gorges loses all control of where he ends up. Might spectre of waivers convince him to approve TOR? In any case, lots of moving parts involving a popular and respected player in MTL. Stay tuned on this one.”
  • Brian Wilde: McKenzie’s report puts Gorges in a tough spot. “He has his rights but now it just got very uncomfortable.”
  • Katie Strang: Defenseman Dan Boyle has narrowed his list down to a handful of teams. He’ll listen to firm offers tomorrow before deciding. The Islanders are one of five teams that he’s considering.
  • Josh Cooper: The Predators are probably trying to find someone who wants to trade for Michael Del Zotto. Cooper doesn’t think the Predators will qualify him if they don’t find anyone who wants to trade for him.
  • News 1130 Sports: Hearing that Zack Kassian’s camp won’t accept the qualifying offer from the Canucks. He could go to camp without a contract.