NHL Rumors: What Nikita Zadorov brings, take the best offer, and what it might take from Toronto

TSN: Ray Ferraro and Darren Dreger talking Calgary Flames defenseman Nikita Zadorov.

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Dreger: “Zadorov isn’t happy with how things have gone in Calgary. Who is? But I’m also told that he sees himself as a three-four defenseman.

Farerro: “I would want him on my defense because I think he’s just unpredictable enough to scare the hell out of the other team.

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The late Brian Marchment terrified me because if the game was going wrong, he would look for a game-changing play. And it wasn’t that he was going to run the power play. And so you better have your head up.

If the best offer I got was from Vancouver, or if it was from my old boss in Toronto, I don’t really care. I need the best return.

Dreger: “For Toronto to make that deal for a Tanev and Zadorov, I think something like Fraser Minten‘s got to go back to Calgary as part of that package.

Ferraro: “Where’s the money go?”

Dreger: “Well, it’s got to be like T.J. Brodie or Klingberg or somebody has to be packaged as part of it.

Ferrao: “If you’re asking me as the Calgary Flames to take John Klingberg? No thanks.”

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