NHL Rumors: Who is Interested in New Jersey Devils forward Tyler Toffoli?

Jim Biringer: The New Jersey Devils are holding forward Tyler Toffoli out of tonight’s game.

Winnipeg Sports Talk: David Pagnotta on Tyler Toffoli and who could be interested in trading for him.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

“For Toffoli it’s effectively a first and a prospect. Maybe not an A maybe a B+, but that’s, that’s what they’re looking for right now. out of out of Jersey. They tried to get him signed, they couldn’t figure out term and money. And they’re gonna, they’re either gonna leave it or they’re gonna move him ahead of the deadline. He likes it there but I wouldn’t be surprised at the ends up being moved ahead of the deadline.

And the, the team that is sneaky and really wants to get him but they need a third team in the mix, is LA. They would love to bring Tyler Toffoli back to LA. I think they understand what the cost will be to get him out of Jersey. I think they’re prepared to do it.

But they need a third team because New Jersey is going to have to eat half of that salary. It’s not big money. It’s four, four and a quarter (million). But if LA can get him at 25 cents on the dollar, by having New Jersey and another team eat total of 75%. they would love to be able to pull that off. Rob Blake is cooking right now. He’s trying to see if he can can make that happen.

And that just, as that’s happening, other teams that have interest like, like perhaps the Jets and Vancouver’s in back in on him, the Rangers, other teams are looking at him, Carolina.

They’re all taking that into account and going alright, we need to, we need to try to make something work here and maybe get ahead of, ahead of things before the spirals and we, we lose him somewhere else.