NHL Trade: The Arizona Coyotes Trade Oliver Ekman-Larsson and Conor Garland to the Vancouver Canucks

The Arizona Coyotes have traded defesneman Oliver Ekman-Larsson and RFA forward  Conor Garland to the Vancouver Canucks for a 2021 first-round pick (No. 9), 2022 second-round pick, 2023 7th round pick, Jay Beagle, Loui Eriksson, and Antoine Roussel.

The Coyotes are retaining 12 percent of Ekman-Larsson’s contract.

Oliver Ekman-Larsson: $7.26 million cap hit for six years for the Canucks, $990,000 retained for six years.
Conor Garland: RFA

Jay Beagle $3 million for one year
Loui Eriksson $6 million for one year
Antoine Roussel $3 million for one year

Puck Pedia: “From cash perspective, assuming Beagle/Eriksson already received $1M Signing Bonus this yr from #Canucks, #Yotes cash savings:

Yr 1 $3.14M
Yr 2 $9.24M
Yr 3 $9.24M
Yr 4 $7.04M
Yr 5 $4.62M
Yr 6 $4.62M

Total #Yotes cash savings of $37.9M over next 6 years”

Craig Morgan: Garland on leaving the Coyotes: “Everybody knows what’s gone on here. We haven’t heard anything from the team since maybe three days after the season ended when they asked for our offer. It’s been a while waiting for that. You just want to go where you’re wanted.”

Thoughts from the media

Matthew Sekeres: “Unquestionably better next year, but big part of future sacrificed. It’s a short-sighted move to make playoffs next year (as though that’s the end goal), save jobs and provide ownership with cover. Voting “no.””

Harman Dayal: “This trade mirrors the acceleration phase of the 2019 offseason. #Canucks becomes significantly better for next season by adding a high-end top-six F(Miller/Garland) and a D who helps now but comes with a risky contract (Myers/OEL). Big short-term gains with long-term questions.”

Brandon Batchelor: “Conor Garland replaces the loss of Toffoli as a top six winger. OEL is an upgrade on Edler on the left side of the blue line. The long term impact of this trade could certainly be a big problem, but it makes the #Canucks a better team today.”

Danny Webster: “That gives the Coyotes of Arizona a grand total of *checks notes* FIVE second-round picks in 2022.

James Cybulski: “Benning suggested a few months ago the Canucks were 2 yrs away from contending. Adding a top 6 F and top 4 D just accelerated that. Benning felt heat to deliver and took a home run swing. I like it. Win or lose at least go down swinging.”

Rich Dhaliwal: “Garland is a RFA with arb rights. Agent Peter Cooney – I have not heard from VAN or ARI yet but when the trade is official, I am looking to talking with the Canucks about a new contract.”

Iain MacIntyre: “After years of increasing pain, the Canucks just amputated their salary-cap mistakes. The team is considerably better with OEL and Garland. But as with most major surgeries, there are long-term dangers to the blockbuster with Arizona.”

Frank Seravalli: “#Canucks essentially traded one more year of pain ($12 mil in cap hits between Eriksson, Beagle + Roussel) in exchange for a better team next season with Garland and OEL. But potential long-term cap consequences with OEL at $8.25 million through 2026-27.”

Justin Emerson: “I get that those three make a lot of money, but they’re all free agents at the end of this year. OEL has SIX!!! years left. Garland is good, but taking that contract AND giving up #9 overall is hard to process. Idk maybe Arizona retains but…wow”

J.D. Burke: “This Garland/OEL move is such a direct contradiction of the team’s stated timeline for Stanley Cup contention. You really can’t blame the fans or media for lamenting the lack of a coherent plan.”

Frank Seravalli: “Now, I’m not sure what the draft value chart would say about that in terms of purchasing picks (minus value of those players on the ice). And it also makes pretty good business sense to spend $22.6m now for the future when you’re unloading a $50m contract off the books in OEL.”

Pete Blackburn: “I think that trade is a win for the Coyotes but man is it sad to see them turning back into cap wasteland every few years”