NHL Trade: The Ottawa Senators and Tampa Bay Lightning Make a Four Player Trade
The Ottawa Senators acquired Cedric Paquette, Braydon Coburn and a 2022 second-round pick from the Tampa Bay Lightning for Marian Gaborik and Anders Nilsson.

The Ottawa Senators acquired forward Cedric Paquette, defenseman Braydon Coburn and a 2022 second-round pick from the Tampa Bay Lightning for forward Marian Gaborik and goaltender Anders Nilsson.

Greg Wyshynski: The Lightning announce that newly acquired Gaborik and Nilsson “will be placed on long-term injury reserve and will not play this season.”

David Pagnotta: Defenseman Coburn had a full no-trade clause and would have had to approve the trade to Ottawa.

The Numbers

Chris Johnston: “The #TBLightning will start this season with nearly $17M in cap commitments on long-term injured reserve: Nikita Kucherov ($9.5M), Marian Gaborik ($4.875M) and Anders Nilsson ($2.6M).”

Puck Pedia: Trade: #Sens trade Gaborik ($4.875M – LTIR) & Nilsson ($2.6M) to #Lightning for Coburn ($1.7M), Paquette ($1.65M), ’22 2nd.

Net Cap +$4.125M for TB, but Gaborik to LTIR & assume 1 G to taxi (saves $1.075M), net impact is $1.825M Cap Benefit for TB.

Puck Pedia: “If Nilsson (concussion) also to LTIR, despite adding $4.125M annual Cap Hit, the #Lightning actually saved $3.35M effective Cap Hit in Deal.

Ottawa cash savings = Gaborik $3.075M Nilsson $2.4M – Coburn $1.6M -Paquette $1.65M = $2.225M savings”

Puck Pedia: “If Nilsson also to LTIR, #Lightning can exceed cap by max $16.975M to start year & set LTIR Pool.

Currently Projected Roster is $16.52M over Cap w/ 21 active (13F/6D/2G). This Roster would be cap compliant & LTIR Pool for year would be $16.52M.”

Thoughts from the media

Pierre LeBrun: “Tampa GM Julien BriseBois had said he had a other move likely coming even after Kucherov going on LTI made the Bolts cap compliant. He wanted more cap flexibility. Move Paquette $1.65M and Coburn $1.7M off the cap. Nilsson and Gaborik on LTI.”

Joe Smith: “#tblightning has depth up front and Mitchell Stephens showed he was ready for regular role – can be 4C with Cedric Paquette dealt to Ottawa. Braydon Coburn was one of most well-liked vets in room, with Tampa since 2015 deadline. But blueline packed + TB needed cap room.”

Eric Engels: “I’ve been pretty critical of the Senators for not retaining quality vets like Pageau and Borowiecki to help support the youth movement, but the acquisitions of Stepan, Paquette and Coburn help.”

  • Eric Engels: “Getting them and moving dead money off the books is good work.”

Justin Bourne: “If nothing else Ottawa seems determined to be a roster that won’t just give you two points next year while their kids come along.”

  • Eric Engels: “Said this on the air today: Even if you have them penciled into last place in the North, they went from playing in a 31-team league to a seven-team league. It won’t shock me if they upset the applecart.”

Ryan Pike: “Ottawa getting Paquette, a pick, and some cash relief in exchange for saving Tampa from cap jail is some tidy work.”

Frank Seravalli: “For #Sens, they now get back a 2nd round pick they traded to ARI for Stepan yesterday.

In other words, in 24 hrs: Sens acquired veteran depth help in Stepan, Paquette and Coburn for … two players that weren’t going to play this season, now whom they won’t have to pay, either.”

JFresh: “Of the eleven players that Ottawa added this summer for a combined $28M in cap, I have two of them (Evgeny Dadonov and Josh Brown) projected above replacement level next season. What’s the opposite of MoneyBall?”

Charting the trade

Player Stats

Cedric Paquette

Braydon Coburn

Marian Gaborik

Anders Nilsson