NHL Trade: The Tampa Bay Lightning Trade Ryan Callahan To The Ottawa Senators
Zdeno Chara had plenty of interested teams. A deadline for unsigned 2020 NHL draft picks. Ryan Callahan officially retires. Senators sign Ridly Greig.
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The Tampa Bay Lightning have traded Ryan Callahan and 2020 5th round pick to the Ottawa Senators for Mike Condon and a 2020 6th round pick.

Cap Friendly: The financial implications for the Ottawa Senators.

“Cap hit change: +$3,400,000
Salary expenses: -$2,060,000

This trade helps keep the Senators above the lower limit, while also decreasing the salary expenses.”

Puck Pedia: “After trading Condon for Callahan, the #Senators have $64.085M Cap Hit committed ($17.4M of Cap Space) to 22 Players (14F/6D/2G).

RFA: Colin White

It is likely that 3 F’s (Callahan, Gaborik, MacArthur) spend the season on Injured Reserve.”


Thoughts from the media

Ian Mendes: “I’ll give Julien Brisebois a ton of credit for being able to move two contracts this summer in JT Miller & Ryan Callahan and not paying a heavy price to do so.”

  • Matthew Sekeres: “Not only did he not pay a heavy price, he got two picks from Vancouver.”

Steve Lloyd: “Callahan’s cap hit is 5.8m, but he’ll make 4.7m in real money. Since he’ll be in LTIR with a career ending back injury, insurance will pick up 80% of that, which means the Sens will be on the hook for around $940,000. Condon’s cap hit is 2.4m, but he’ll make 3m in real money.”

Marc Dumont: “Here’s an idea for NHL teams: don’t help your competition out of cap trouble unless it’s for a significant premium. Or keep doing it, what do I know? For every whale, there’s bound to be a remora or two to filter out the garbage.”

  • Dylan Galloway: “My favourite part of the Sens trade is that they refused to trade with teams in their Conference when it came to potential big returns like Hoffman and Karlsson, but have no problem giving a helping hand when it comes to cap relief.. ridiculous”

LW3H: “The Sens have gone from “won’t trade Hoffman within the division” to “let’s solve all our divisional opponents’ cap problems” in record time”

Ryan Callahan

Mike Condon