Toronto Maple Leafs acquire Phil Kessel

According to TSN, the Maple Leafs have reached an agreement with the Bruins to acquire Phil Kessel, pending a contract be worked out. They are apparently negotiating a deal now. I’m sure they must have known the ballpark figure and term length Kessel was looking for beforehand, so I’m sure a deal won’t take too long.

No other details were provide. We’ll update here when they come through.

Update: Phil Kessel for 2010 1st and 2nd round pick, and a 2011 1st round pick. The Leafs then signed Kessel to a 5 year, $27 million contract. The salary cap hit is $5.4 million.

Upate 2: Burke will probably make an official announcement after the Leaf game.

Boston attempted to re-sign Kessel in July to a deal reportedly for 4 years around $16 million. Some reports say he then asked to be traded, his agent denies.