NHL Rumors: Maple Leafs, Coyotes, Red Wings and Lightning
Steven Stamkos against the Toronto Maple Leafs
On the Toronto Maple Leafs and Arizona Coyotes …

Jimmy Murphy: A “reliable source” is saying that the Coyotes are already pushing hard to acquire the Maple Leafs first overall pick. The same source said the Coyotes would trade their two first round picks (No. 7 and No. 20) and either Max Domi or Christian Dvorak for the first pick/Auston Matthews. Same source also saying that at this point, there has been no indication that the Maple Leafs would accept the Coyotes offer for the first pick or from anyone else. Things can change though.

On the Detroit Red Wings and Arizona Coyotes …

Jimmy Murphy: Hearing that the Red Wings have let teams know that they want to trade Pavel Datsyuk‘s contract, and that the Coyotes are interested.

On the Tampa Bay Lightning …

Chris Nichols of Today’s Slapshot: Elliotte Friedman on Sportsnet 590 on Steven Stamkos. The only thing Friedman has heard is that the Lightning are going to take another go at re-signing him.

“I’ve been steadfast with you guys. I believe his desire, first and foremost, is to stay there. My question is, is Tampa going to get that number into the 9s. If they get that number in the 9s, I think there’s a chance he stays.”

When asked what the chances of the Lightning getting over $9 million, Friedman notes that Victor Hedman‘s next deal could come into play.

“First of all, in the cap world you can’t keep everybody. I wonder too – Hedman is a year away from unrestricted free agency. I can look at Yzerman saying, ‘I’m not going through this again.’ So my big question is, does he try to take care of Hedman this summer too so he knows where Hedman’s number is. Because it could also start with a 9. And if he does that, does he have the room to do Kucherov and Stamkos.”

Ben Bishop will probably have to be traded, and after Jonathan Drouin stepped up this postseason, Friedman thinks another player could be moved.