Leonis on the Caps Off-Season … Hudler Announcement Today … Hamhuis Leaving Nashville?
  • Ted Leonis on Ted’s Takes: Leonis’s thoughts on the Capitals off-season …

    We won’t do anything rash or make any decisions out of emotional angst. We will collect our thoughts. We will be energized by our failure. We will seek to improve. We will be diligent in our research and we won’t deviate from our plan. We still intend to build around our core. We will make adjustments. We will keep our upside. We will accentuate the positives and we will tweak and change around the negatives where needed.

  • Chris McCosky of the Detroit News: The official annoucement should come today that Jiri Hudler will be returning to the Red  Wings next season. Hudler got out of the last year of his KHL deal when his team, Moscow Dynamo folded.
  • John Glennon of the Tennessean: Nashville Predators UFA Dan Hamhuis could be looking for around $4 million a season, and it’s not known if they’ll be able to afford him. Talks could begin soon. On the possibility of returning, Hamhuis said: “I think so. I’ve enjoyed playing with a great group of guys and the community — my wife and family really enjoy it. There are a lot of great things in Nashville we enjoy. “At the same time, there are options out there, too. So we’ll take some time to think about it. We’re certainly not clawing out the door to leave. That’s for sure.”
  • Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal: Omsk GM is certain that Jaromir Jagr will be staying in the KHL next season. The Oilers have reportedly been interested in bringing him over, but they have never said that publicly.
  • Brad Ziemer of the Vancouver Sun: Canucks prospect Cory Schneider will spend the playoffs watching and learning with the team. He was recalled by the team, and will begin the process of becoming the teams backup goalie for next season. Regarded as one of the top goalie prospects not in the NHL, Schneider has been part of trade rumors for well over a year. He is a RFA at seasons end, and hasn’t had any contract negotiations, nor any idea what the Canucks have in mind for him. They may be thinking that his trade value will increase, with the more NHL experience he gets.