Kaleta Suspended

The Buffalo Sabres will be without Patrick Kaleta for two games after the forward was suspended by the NHL on Saturday.

Kaleta took a major boarding penalty and a game misconduct in the first period of Friday’s game against the Flyers when he hit Philadelphia centre Jared Ross. Ross left the game and did not return.

Kaleta has three goals and three assists in 21 games this season. He is eligible to return to action on Dec. 3 against Montreal.  (source:TSN)

It looks like fellow colleague Mark was right earlier today when he posted (in his daily “Around The Boards” column) that Kaleta would receive a suspension for his hit on Jared Ross of the Flyers last night.

I’m not really sure I agree with this decision, and I admit that I’m not overly familiar with this Kaleta character, but I felt like Jared Ross turned his back at the last minute. The problem with being a “usual suspect”, like Kaleta apparently is, is that there’s no way you’ll get the benefit of the doubt that the hit was un-intentional, and the NHL is going to make an example out of you.

We all know that there has been a double standard regarding a players star status vs length of suspension for years. Lets face the facts here, the NHL is a business and it isn’t good for business to suspend Alex Ovechkin for a borderline hit.

We could go through example after example of grinder type players getting the shaft or star players getting off easy but it boils down to this; It is much better to make an example out a guy who won’t affect the bottom line…A player with OV’s star status will make opposing teams money when the Capitals come to town (outside of the large markets, that sell out anyway, like Toronto and New York for example) so it’s in all the owners best interest to keep him on skates and selling tickets.

Kaleta, on the other hand, well…….enough said.