NHL News: NHL Could Generate Between $350 and $500 Million With Summer Playoffs … Daly On The Draft Lottery
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A summer playoff could generate $350 to $500 million

Larry Brooks of the NY Post: Sources are saying that the NHL is looking at possibly more than one NHL city – ones that haven’t been hit hard by COVID-19 and are trending positively – to potentially play games in.

Sources are saying from both sides that the NHL would like to complete the regular season and have the normal playoff format, but that won’t be happening.

From a Thursday NHPA conference call, resuming play in the summer would generate about $350 million in TV and sponsorship revenue. This could be based off of a 24-team playoff format and two or three exhibition games. The NHL thinks it may generate between $450 and $500 million. Both agree complete cancelation would negate about $1 billion in HRR.

On if the season could resume

David Staple of the Edmonton Journal: Elliotte Friedman on Oilers Now with Bob Stauffer.

“We all know that nothing is happening unless they’re given clearance. Number one is: are the leagues going to get clearance to do this?” Friedman said.

“Trump appears to be the most gung-ho guy about this. Is Canada going to be as gung-ho? And are you going to be able to cross borders?”

If the Canada-US border isn’t opened up by June or July, teams/players would need special permission from the governments to travel to ‘x’ city and be quarantined there for the mandated time. Players wouldn’t leave until they are eliminated.

Friedman added that there obviously won’t be any fans attending the games. A decision on playing may not come until mid-to-late June.

“We’ll see where we are and where it’s going and can you bring players back from wherever they are.”

Friedman adds that New Hampshire and North Dakota are U.S. location options and he thinks Edmonton and Saskatchewan could host if from the Canadian side.

On the 2020 NHL draft lottery

Ken Campbell of The Hockey News: Bill Daly on the potential format of the 2020 NHL draft lottery if the season is canceled.

“We are nowhere near to making those determinations at this point,” NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly said in an email to TheHockeyNews.com. “Any answer I might be able to give you would be complete speculation.”