Five NHL Teams That Could Benefit By The Proposed 24-team Playoff Format

Yesterday we looked at five teams that could be hurt by the 24-team playoff format, today we look at five teams that will benefit from the format.

NHL News: NHLPA Executive Board Approves The Playoff Format, Now Have Other Issues To Negotiate

NHLPA executive board approves the 24-team playoff format but there are plenty of other issues that will need to be negotiated.

NHL News: Two Hub Cities, 24-Team Playoffs and the 2020 NHL Draft

The NHL could be looking at have two hub cities instead of four and Las Vegas could be an option. The NHL could make a decision on the 2020 NHL draft this week.

NHL News: NHL Could Generate Between $350 and $500 Million With Summer Playoffs … Daly On The Draft Lottery

A summer playoff could generate the $350 to $500 million in TV and sponsorship without fans. Bill Daly on the 2020 NHL draft lottery.

Delay In NHL Season Means Several Teams Will Get Healthier For A Playoff Run

If the NHL is able to schedule some sor tof Stanley Cup Playoffs for this season, contending teams should get back some important pieces.

NHL Unfinished Business: The Non-Playoffs Clubs

There is some hope within the NHL and NHLPA that they can at least get some playoff hockey in this season. Playoffs could be expanded to include more than the typical 16 teams.

NHL News: Some Player Ideas For Continuing The Season

NHL players are also thinking about scheduling and are coming up with their own ideas for the rest of the season and playoffs.

NHL News: Ottawa Senators, Dallas Stars, Summer Olympics and the Playoffs

An Ottawa Senators player has tested positive for COVID-19. Alexander Radulov awaiting test results. The Summer Olympics still on track, which would play a role in any NHL playoff decision

What Might A Coronavirus-Impacted Playoff Look Like For The NHL?

The NHL has said they will consider all playoff options when they get to that point. There will be many things for them to consider when they do.

NBA Schedule Change Ideas Should Also Be Considered By NHL

The NBA is looking at making some interesting changes to their schedule in the near future, and some of the ideas the NHL should consider doing as well.

Where Are They Now? The 2006 Carolina Hurricanes

Looking back at the 2006 Stanley Cup Champions – the Carolina Hurricanes – and where the main players are today.

2019 Stanley Cup Champions – St. Louis Blues

Some notes, records, videos, and tweets involving your 2019 Stanley Cup Champions – the St. Louis Blues.