NHL Rumors: Has Bo Horvat’s hot start put him in the $8 million-plus range?

Bo Horvat is off to a hot goal-scoring start to the season. Will this push his value at $8 million or more per season on an extension?

2022-23 NHL Divisional Rankings: Atlantic Division

Welcome to the NHL Atlantic Division Rankings. This division has seen the most improvement in the offseason and hardest to predict.

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List of NHL Players who have Scored 50 Goals in a Season

Wayne Gretzky and Mike Bossy top the list of NHL players who have scored 50 goals in a season. Alex Ovechkin could tie them this season.

2021-22 Top 10 Montreal Canadiens Prospects

Montreal has a good young roster with players evolving into stars with a good supporting cast coming down the prospect pipeline despite a disappointing 2021 Entry Draft

2021-22 Top 10 Los Angeles Kings Prospects

Los Angeles Kings Prospects: The combination of quality and quantity of draft picks, player development, the Kings find themselves in an excellent position.