NHL Rumors: Friedman “Comparables only work until they don’t”

Friedman: “Comparables only work until they don’t. Until people say we’re not, we’re not taking that comparable into consideration.”

NHL Rumors: What will the Montreal Canadiens do at the trade deadline?

The Montreal Canadiens did well last year at the trade deadline but this year it won’t be as easy for them given some of their contracts.

NHL Rumors: Has Bo Horvat’s hot start put him in the $8 million-plus range?

Bo Horvat is off to a hot goal-scoring start to the season. Will this push his value at $8 million or more per season on an extension?

2022-23 NHL Divisional Rankings: Atlantic Division

Welcome to the NHL Atlantic Division Rankings. This division has seen the most improvement in the offseason and hardest to predict.

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2022-23 NHL Divisional Rankings: Central Division

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List of NHL Players who have Scored 50 Goals in a Season

Wayne Gretzky and Mike Bossy top the list of NHL players who have scored 50 goals in a season. Alex Ovechkin could tie them this season.

2021-22 Top 10 Montreal Canadiens Prospects

Montreal has a good young roster with players evolving into stars with a good supporting cast coming down the prospect pipeline despite a disappointing 2021 Entry Draft