NHL Rumors: A Brock Boeser Trade Doesn’t Appear to be Close

Donnie & Dhali: Rick Dhaliwal on the latest Vancouver Canucks, Brock Boeser trade speculation.

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“Brock Boeser. Just want to get this in Donnie.

As of now (Wednesday afternoon), I’m hearing a Brock Boeser trade is not close. Also, he is expected to play (Thursday) night against Minnesota. Him playing tells you it’s not close Donnie.

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Two to three teams still calling on Boeser. It’s a tough, tough contract to move. It has got term. The Canucks will have to retain money to move him. I’m not sure the Canucks have a big appetite to eat a lot of money there.

Teams want a big number when they ask to retain money on Boeser.

Donnie, I’m going to tell you something, Canucks are not going to give Boeser away. He’s still a young goal scorer. He’s easier to move in the summer?”

Don Taylor: “He is?”

Dhaliwal: “He’s a young goal scorer.”

Taylor; “He’s got 11 goals.”

Dhaliwal: “I know he’s got 11. I know he’s got 11 but in the Canucks eyes he’s a guy who can get you 20, 25 every year when he’s going. I know he’s only got 11.

Boeser’s easier to move in the summer Donnie when teams can clear up cap space. So right now it looks like they’re having a tough time moving Boeser. So we’ll monitor that situation right up to Friday.

Taylor: “When I watch him play. When I talked about him not being a goal scorer anymore, or something like that. He still has 38 points which I think would surprise a lot of people in 52 games.

Dhaliwal: “That’s it.”

Taylor: “So not bad but from a visual point of view, when you watch him play, what goes through your mind?

Dhaliwal: “Well, he doesn’t have the mojo he did early in his career in Vancouver when we was, look at the first year. Went to the All-Star game. He was the MVP of the All-Star game.

Everybody thought, and before this season you and I had a big conversation, goes to training camp, got hurt on what the first or second day. This was the year he was going to get 30, 35

Taylor: “At training camp, not at pre-season. Very frustrating.

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Dhaliwal: “He’s got all the potential in the world. He had a tough last year, was going through, obviously a tough situation with his dad. But this was the year everyone thought, you know what, start of camp, 30, 35 goals. Just hasn’t materialized.

Taylor: “He just looks like a player, and the injuries have mounted. Where’s that shot? There’s that. He just looks like a player. I know he’s never been the fastest player in the world, but just looks like someone that needs a change.”