NHL Rumors: Anaheim’s Trevor Zegras is Available, Where Could He Go?

With Trevor Zegras Available, Could the Montreal Canadiens Make a Play for Him?

Dave Pagnotta of the Fourth Period joined Sirius XM NHL Network Radio Power Play Segment with Steve Kouleas and Carter Hutton, Pagnotta stated that Anaheim’s Trevor Zegras is available and a team like the Montreal Canadiens could make a play for him.

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Steve Kouleas: “My last question is Anaheim and Trevor Zegras. There’s been a buzz you’ve written about and talked about it. I’m assuming it’s quiet now. I’m assuming there’s also no sense of urgency, the way he fought on his contract, what they have down the middle, I’m just guessing for Pat Verbeek that, well, if the trade word has been brought out and Trevor has been disappointed that this is in play, correct?”

Dave Pagnotta: “He’s available and he’s controllable. And, like you said, there is no sense of urgency. They don’t have to make a move. But they are going to discuss those options with teams that have an interest in him. There have been teams that expressed that interest. Those conversations will pick up probably starting in the next few weeks and then kind of leading into the draft, but Zegers couple of years left on his deal. He is available.

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There are some interesting parties out there and young players that are, that are out there as well. Marco Rossi‘s name is starting to make the rounds a little bit more. He’s also available out in Minnesota. But Zegras plays center, plays the wing, young, flashing type of guy. Obviously we know that, but the reason I think his name has been out there for a while, there’s been speculation that there may not be a long-term desire to stay in Anaheim from that perspective.

He may want something with a little more pizzazz market wise and that’s one of the kind of rumors floating around as to why he’s available and out there but there is interest in him. There will continue to be. His name will definitely continue to pop up especially as we get closer to the draft next month in Vegas.”

Kouleas: “Market like Montreal?”

Pagnotta: “I think the Canadiens. I think Philadelphia. There are a couple others that have poked around just to see if that’s something that they can have that discussion with later on. But I would certainly be surprised if it seemed like Montreal is not part of that mix.

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But, and that’s the type of market that I think he would he would do well in and he’s got that relationship with Cole Caufield. That could be a good fit. And the Canadiens are a team that not just from a defensive perspective, they got a ton of young assets in the cupboard there.

But they’ve got a willingness and have shown a willingness to make moves impact moves ahead of the deadline. They did it last year. They bring in Alex Newhook. The year before it’s Kirby Dach. I anticipate them being active again this summer. And if the right deal falls into place, Zegras would certainly be somebody on Montreal’s radar.”