NHL Rumors: Boston Bruins, David Pastrnak, and who could be a fit in the middle

Who could be David Pastrnak’s long-term center? 

Luke Fox of Sportsnet: The Boston Bruins will likely be aggressive buyers at the deadline this year. Patrice Bergeron’s playing career is getting closer to the end, so if/when David Patrnak is signed to a long-term extension, he may want to know what the Bruins thoughts are for his long-term centerman.

The Bruins have over $24 million coming off the books this offseason. They are without their second-round picks this year and next.

Would think they would make a trade offer to the Vancouver Canucks for Bo Horvat. Ryan O’Reilly and Dylan Larkin could be other options for them.

The Bruins have the option and room to re-sign a deadline acquisition. The Toronto Maple Leafs and Colorado Avalanche are also looking at rental forwards.

Who are perfect fits for the Bruins?

Sportsnet: On who would be a perfect fit for the Boston Bruins at the trade deadline.

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Nick Kypreos: “Is there a chance they could mess with this chemistry? You’ve been there before as an executive, is there the thought that bringing in someone is, as easy as it could sound that Bo Horvat would be great, and a guy that could certainly go on past Bergeron or Krejci, is there a chance that executives sit around and go, ‘why mess with a good thing?’

Mike Futa: “I think, well depends what’s moving out. What kind of pieces moving out because you obviously don’t want any part of that chemistry you have in your dressing room, having to give up.

I alluded in our situation. We needed a sniper and went out and got Marion Gaborik, who wasn’t, you know… Gabby was great for our team because just came in and was sure, but I think the addition the Bruins make, I don’t think it’s so much of an offensive weapon.

Like if they could ever, I don’t know how the hell they’d do it, but I keep hearing Jonathan Toews’ name attached to them as well. If they could add somebody that’s got that, you know like a Foligno, Nick Foligno. There’s seamless chemistry. They’re like that throwback type leader. That would be another seamless, the way this team seems to get along and look after each other and care about each other.

So that type of player. I’m sure Horvat would be the same, probably a lot more I’d assume assets with the age and stuff like that.

But I think Boston is going to be creative

David Pastrnak and Boston Bruins Making Progress

TSN: Staying with Dreger for a minute, he reiterated what Elliotte Friedman of Sportsnet on Saturday, where he said “David Pastrnak and the Boston Bruins are making progress on an extension.”

NHL Rumors: David Pastrnak Next Contract With Bruins Will Take Time

Pastrnak is third in NHL scoring this season and is having a career season with the Bruins. Both parties want the other one to stay as it is a good fit. General manager Don Sweeney and Pastrnak’s agent JP Barry continue to work on the details of this deal which includes the annual average value aka money.

Most believe this will be an eight-year extension, but Pastrnak is inching closer to an extension.