NHL Rumors: Craig Berube – New Jersey Devils, and the Toronto Maple Leafs

The New Jersey Devils have an interest in Craig Berube and if the Toronto Maple Leafs want him, they got to move

Sporstnet: Elliotte Friedman on the Monday’s Kyper & Bourne Show on Craig Berube, on the New Jersey Devil’s interest and if the Toronto Maple Leafs want him.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

Friedman: “I believe that New Jersey has real interest in Berube and if Toronto wants him, they better get moving. I do believe.”

Justin Bourne: “What about that New Jersey job? Do you think that Jay Woodcroft might be an option there?”

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Friedman: “I’ve heard they’ve spoken to a ton of people. I just think and I’ve been saying this for a couple of days and eventually, I’m going to be right about this. If you want Craig Berube, you better make the call because he’s gonna have multiple people, like…”

Nick Kypreos: “There has to be a reason why Berube’s waited this long. I think it was too wait for Toronto.”

Bourne: “See the awkward Biz question on TNT the other night?”

Friedman: “I gotta tell you I would not, did you (asking Kypreos) ever fight for Berube? Do you ever fight him?

Kypreos: “Um, Bill McCreary saved my life one time.”

Bourne ” Did you ever receive punches from Berube?”

Kypreos: “He was coming out 1000 miles an hour and Bill McCreary just turns around and he throws him out of the game and suspends him. 10 games … ”

Bourne: “Oh my.”

Kypreos: “… for coming off the bench.”

Freidman: “Really? Oh wow.”

Kypreos: “I’m like, boy, Bill you saved me.”

Friedman: “If he ever gave me that look, I’d go running as far as I can the other….”

Kypreos: “We were teammates in Hershey.”

Friedman: “I got, like Nick you, like I’ve seen you interact with him before. I would defer to you on this one. You guys were peers, you know each other better? I gotta think put it this way, I gotta think he would be very intrigued by the Devils because I think a lot of people think that devils are on the cusp of something big.

But you know, someone said to me today, do you think that Toronto was really a good job? I said, ‘Absolutely. I do because the rewards are enormous.”

Kypreos: “Yeah, we’re all, we’ve all been there. We’ve all been there.”

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Friedman: “Enormous.”

Everybody. Everybody talks about it. Yeah. You want to win a cup here, and then unfortunately, it doesn’t happen for a lot of us.”