NHL Rumors: Dallas Stars, Washington Capitals, and the Vancouver Canucks

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek on the 32 Thoughts: The Podcast – They Really Did It … episode on the Dallas Stars and Washington Capitals likely have more moves up their sleeves, and the Vancouver Canucks could have interest in Tyler Toffoli as fallback if they can’t land Jake Guentzel.

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Marek: Speaking of the San Jose Sharks, Ty Dellandrea goes from Dallas to San Jose. A fourth-round pick going the other way. This one is interesting. I’ve mentioned to you this week that it sounds to me and feels to me very much like this is setting up other moves for the Dallas Stars. You would talked about the Stars taken a good run at Chris Tanev this week …”

Friedman: “Yeah.”

Marek: “… to bring him back.  Matt Duchene. There’s desire on both sides for a fit. You know, Mavrik Boirque is going to play full-time with Dallas next year. Where’s that ice time going to come from? So it seems sort of destined that they were going to have to do something with Dellandrea, and this is it?”

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Friedman: “Yeah, it’ll give him an opportunity to play. There’s no doubt about that. As I mentioned on your show, too, I think there’s a suspicion that Dallas has interest in William Carrier. So, I’d forgotten, he played for (Pete) DeBoer, so DeBoer knows, knows him very well from his time in Vegas and he’s perfect for the way Dallas plays.

I do think they’re really trying hard to keep Tanev. I still think they’re very interested in Duchene. But Dallas, you know, again, like we’ve been talking about Wyatt Johnston extension, Jake Oettinger extension, and Thomas Harley too. I hadn’t even mentioned him. So those, they got some dancing to do. I think Jim Nill is one of the guys who said you can run out of your space really quickly.”

Marek: “I think there’s more deals. Like honestly, I think there’s more coming. I really do.”

Friedman: “Someone told me too that Washington is not done. They think Washington is going to be very busy. They think …”

Marek: “Really eh.”

They, there’s some more there. I wonder if, like I really wonder about them. I, I heard there’s more coming there. Also, something else too is, I, depending on what happens in Vancouver with all these other things that they’re working on, I wonder if Tyler Toffoli is back on Vancouver’s radar.”

Marek: “Really.”

Friedman: “Yes. Yes.”

Marek: “I thought it was Jake, thought it was Jake, Jake Guentzel or bust.”

Friedman: “Well, I mean in case you bust, you actually have to have like a plan, right? I’ve heard and I can see Toffoli being a guy who’s on the Rangers radar to with the money that they got now.”

Marek: “For sure, for sure.”

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Friedman: “But with, with Goodrow off. So but I, I wondered about Toffoli and Vancouver this week. They know him and that’s another name that popped into my head.”

Marek: “Keep that in mind.”