NHL Rumors: Goaltending Market Will Not Have Domino Effect

Dave Pagnotta of the Fourth Period joined Sirius XM NHL Network Radio Power Play Segment on Monday with Steve Kouleas and Carter Hutton and was asked if there could be a run on goalies once one gets traded.

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Carter Hutton: “Yeah, Dave, obviously, it’s a big piece there, right? I think Dubas going into Pittsburgh with this aging group, and what happens in that market obviously is still the tell for this Metro Division mayhem. For me, it’s the goalie market, right? I know teams don’t want to spend a lot on goalies and move a lot of goalies, but you look at some teams for me, like Edmonton and Colorado, without having a steady backup. Then Jersey, you know, the (Jacob) Markstrom talks. What’s the first guy to go here? Is there anything you’re hearing out there?”

Dave Pangotta: “Man, I wish I could pinpoint it because you’re right, there are so many different variables in play here. We know Jersey is gonna go back. I think they already have, to a certain extent, with respect to the Markstrom situation, to see if they can make something work there. You know his name is obviously out there. He’s willing to go to Jersey, but they’ve got to figure that whole situation out.

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Nashville is definitely taking calls on Juuse Saros. He’s got another year left on his contract. They love (Yaroslav) Askarov coming up. If they don’t move Saros and I think it would be difficult to do that. But if they don’t, we’re gonna be hearing a lot about him in the summer. I’d be very surprised if, based on what I’ve been told if he’s not dealt in the summer because of how much they really like Askarov.

Plus, exactly what Saros is asking for on his next contract is in and around 8 million bucks per season. That’s probably not something well, it’s probably not it is not as of now something that Nashville is prepared to do, which is why they’re taking calls there but you’ve got other pieces in place.

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I think Edmonton hangs tight on their goaltending situation. We’ve talked about this before with how they performed. I think they want to bolster more that blue-line guys and add a little more punch and physicality to the lineup. Overall, Montreal still has Jake Allen available with one year left. The San Jose Sharks have their goaltenders available, but now we heard the reports over the weekend, and, of course, Pittsburgh is listening on their guys.

So there are a few different pieces in place, but I don’t think there’s one guy that is going to get moved that just knocks the rest of the dominoes over from a goaltending market perspective. I think this is a different situation. It’s not like the D core that’s out there. With Calgary kind of holding firm on their guys for the time being.”