NHL Rumors: Jake Guentzel, Noah Hanifin, Chris Tanev and Adam Henrique

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman on Saturday headlines on four players who teams are waiting on.

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Ron McLean: “You got to be on the line to Eric (Francis) all the time because if there is to be a bonfire on or before March, the eighth it’s the Calgary Flames and they’re among the firestarters. So once you throw out a few of the names that are key to the deals that’ll happen.”

Friedman: “Well I think in a lot of cases there are kind of four names at the top of the pack that are kind of teams are kind of waiting on. Jake Guentzel, who’s playing in our Winnipeg-Pittsburgh game tonight. The two Calgary defensemen Hanifin and Tanev and until Hanifin actually signs, teams are kind of looking at it like he’s still on the board. And also Adam Henrique of the Ducks. Since two centers are already off the board (Elias) Lindholm and (Sean) Monahan, Henrique’s name is out there.

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Now, the teams that are out of this, like they don’t have the assets it will take to make these deals. They’re looking at other situations, some other players, people who couldn’t be available but I think a lot of the teams who are looking at the best of the best that might be available, they’re kind of waiting on these four

Like Toronto’s in just about everything that’s going on out there, looking for D. I don’t think they’re the only ones. I think teams like Dallas have also been around Tanev. You know, Hanifin is a lefty. Henrique a center. Teams are always looking for centers. And Guentzel, Edmonton is one team I think that has the eyes on him. Though they’re definitely not the only ones.

And so, you know, I think in Guetzel’s case, I think Pittsburgh is prepared to wait to see how the next month plays out. And I do think some teams are going to wait to see who are these four players in particular go.

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