NHL Rumors: Jake Guentzel To Test Free Agency

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Dave Pagnotta of The Fourth Period joined Steve Kouleas and Carter Hutton on Sirius XM NHL Network Radio Power Play segment and when asked about Jake Guentzel‘s future in Carolina, Pagnotta stated that Guentzel will be testing free agency come July 1.

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Steve Koules: “Joining us now not to talk about the final, at least not yet to talk about the silly season and a lot of what he’s hearing because he’s got his ear to the grindstone. We welcome back David Pagnotta to the program. Dave, what’s going on with Jake Guentzel?”

Dave Pagnotta: Well, Kooli, he certainly has enjoyed his time in Raleigh, but he’s also like a lot of players are in, the opportunity to test free agency. And as of now, it sounds like he is going to test free agency and wants to weigh all his options before cementing his future on a long-term contract.”

Carter Hutton: “Carolina has been known not to try to pay guys. Do you think that has muddied the water a bit for Guentzel, or is this just the fact of the matter? He’s earned the right to try free agency, and you know, wants to see what comes of it?”

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Pagnotta: “Yeah, I think it’s more the latter. Because my understanding is again, when after they, after they brought him in the night before the trade deadline in March, that they felt internally and I think they relayed this message as well that they would certainly be willing to pay a premium for this player. It goes a little bit outside of their overall thinking, and at least from what history would dictate it would deviate a little bit from that.

But when you have a player like Jake Guentzel who’s going to command you know, eight, $9 million plus on an AAV, I don’t think the money is really the primary issue from my understanding. But they certainly want to take a look excuse me he wants to take a look and see what his options are available to him come July 1.

And I think that’s more than anything again, he’s enjoying his time there.  They’ll certainly expect to share that sentiment. But July 1 let’s see what else becomes available and then from there make a decision.”