NHL Rumors: James van Riemsdyk, Logan Stanley, and College UFA Dmen and a Goaltender

On the James van Riemsdyk trade to the Red Wings that didn’t happen

Anthony Mingioni: (on the deadline confusion surrounding James van Riemsdyk and the Detroit Red Wings) The Detroit Red Wings were interested in keeping van Riemsdyk if they were able to acquire him and not to flip him to another team after they acquired him. Getting him in the first place was contingent on them being able to trade another player. Neither happened.

NHL Rumors: Toronto Maple Leafs, and the Vancouver Canucks

Logan Stanley on the trade request report

Scott Billeck: Winnipeg Jets defenseman Logan Stanley on the report before the deadline that he asked for a trade: “Yeah, I’m not going to comment too much about it. Obviously, I’m disappointed I haven’t played more, but I’ve been hurt for a big chunk of the season. It’s tough to come back in from injuries.

“The trade deadline’s behind us now and I’m focused on helping this team win hockey games and make a deep playoff run.”

College free agent defensemen and a goaltender that might interest teams when their seasons are finished

Chris Peters of Flo Hockey: Looking at some of the top college free agent defensemen and goaltenders who will get some NHL interest.

Jake Livingstone – RHD Minnesota State – “He likely tops out as a bottom-pairing defenseman, but there’s a lot to like in his game.”

Victor Östman – G – Maine – “There aren’t a ton of goalies that are especially enticing in this year’s college UFA market, which may increase interest in him though he still has the option to return to school.”

Sam Malinski – RHD – Cornell – “He’s below average in the size department, but he’s a right-shot defenseman with skill and those guys will always have a market…”

NHL Rumors: The Vancouver Canucks are almost capped out for next year, and some College UFA Centers

Akito Hirose – LHD – Minnesota State – “A brilliant skater with good vision and offensive instincts, Hirose has had NHL interest after each of his three years at Minnesota State.”

Jacob Bengtsson – LHD – Lake Superior State – “I don’t think there will be a large market for him, but I could see a number of NHL teams inquiring.”