NHL Rumors: John Hynes, Dan Vladar, and Justin Holl

John Hynes may not be long without a job

Michael Gallagher: Elliotte Friedman reported that there were several teams that reached out to get permission to speak with recently fired Nashville Predators coach John Hynes.

It could be for head or assistant coaching positions. He should be back in the NHL next season.

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The Flames should trade Dan Vladar to create the room for Dustin Wolf

Mike Gould of Daily Faceoff: The Calgary Flames have established goaltenders Jacob Markstrom and Dan Vladar but Dustin Wolf is ready for a bigger opportunity.

Mike McKenna says the Flames need to trade Vladar this offseason to create room for Wolf.

“I mean, everything Conroy said basically leads to what should happen. They need to trade Dan Vladar. Now, that being said, he’s a goaltender that, even within that organization, there’s a lot of belief. They really love Vladar, they think he’s got a high ceiling.

But Dustin Wolf’s a two-time reigning AHL goalie of the year, he was the AHL MVP — that’s the first time that’s happened since 2003, when it happened to be Calgary’s goalie coach, Jason LaBarbera, who was the AHL MVP.”

McKenna adds that trading Markstrom’s contract wouldn’t be an easy thing to do. (He’s got three years left on his contract at a $6 million cap hit)

Justin Holl hopes to re-sign with the Maple Leafs

Kevin McGrann of the Toronto Star: The Toronto Maple Leafs have 10 unrestricted free agents and right-handed defenseman Justin Holl is one of them.

Holl’s agent Brian Bartlett said that he’d like to return but knows he could be playing with a different team next season.

“It’s difficult to nail down with any certainty without a general manager in place, but he’s very much open to coming back to Toronto. He has really enjoyed his time in Toronto, loved the city and fans. The team was really good to him. It’s not a ‘get me out of here’ situation at all.

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“But we also recognize the reality of it, that the Leafs are going to have to, and want to, make some pretty big changes to that roster. And we recognize it’s likely he would be a casualty of that.”