NHL Rumors: One player isn’t going to fix the Edmonton Oilers internal issues

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Daily Faceoff: Jason Gregor and Frank Seravalli on the Edmonton Oilers, on their issues and if there is any urgency.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

Gregor: “Edmonton has to, the last few years they’ve been really good against the Pacific division, and down the stretch that will define their season I think.”

Seravalli: “So tell me on a scale of one to ten, what do you think the level of urgency should be for the Oilers to step up and do something?”

Gregor: “I’m of belief. Let’s say you add one player. I don’t think there is one player available in the trade market that is going to solve all the issues. I think a lot of Edmonton’s issues are internal. That their lack of consistency from their decision-making won’t magically be fixed by one player.

Look at the free agent defensemen out there. Like I don’t think, the guys are Jakob Chychrun, Joel Edmundson. Go down the list, (Vladislav) Gavrikov, of defensemen available. You could be bring them in, but is that one guy suddenly going to make all the other players go, oh, I’m going to make better decisions with the puck.

So to me, their puck decision and their willingness to gift goals has to be reduced. They do that internally, that plus the addition of a player will be a big add.”


Seravalli: “I just think the heat is ratcheting up a bit internally, and I think they’re going to, my guess is they do something. Whether it’s big or small, soon rather than later.”

Greger: “Frank, they got to do something. They’re depth forwards, like Warren Foegele‘s been a healthy scratch two games in a row (recorded before Wednesday’s game). Fine, but it can’t just be Warren Foegele. There’s a lot of other guys man. There’s a lot of guys that would be on the old milk box Frank, on the milk carton for Edmonton’s depth forwards. Lots of them.”