NHL Rumors: Patrick Kane, Getting a Jump on the Deadline, and James Reimer

A Patrick Kane decision coming “relatively soon”

TSN: Pierre LeBrun on Insider Trading on Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Kane.

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Gino Reda: “Alright, let’s talk trade. Just over three weeks to the trade deadline. We know the Hawks want to move Patrick Kane to get some assets before he goes UFA this summer but he’s got a full no-move. However, there is some significant news on that front Pierre.

LeBrun: “The news is this. The clock is ticking. I spoke with the agent Pat Brisson on this day on Tuesday, and what he said is, a decision is coming from Patrick Kane “relatively soon.” Which makes sense again given that we’re just over three weeks from the trade deadline.

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And that decision again could be whether he’s comfortable in being traded from Chicago or that he wants to stay put for the rest of the year and figure out his future later this summer.

The other thing that Brisson added is that teams that are interested in Kane and that make the shortlist will have seven to 10 days ahead of the deadline to prepare themselves for a possible transaction.

So, we’re getting there when it comes to Patrick Kane and he holds all the cards.”

Getting a jump on the trade deadline and James Reimer not worrying about getting traded

Curtis Pashelka of The Mercury News: The San Jose Sharks have made a couple of trades in the past two weeks, getting a jump on the trade deadline. Sharks coach David Quinn on some teams wanting to make moves now as opposed to waiting until the deadline.

“I think maybe teams are being more aggressive before the trade deadline to get players maybe they have targeted to help them sooner than for 20 to 25 games. Maybe they want them for 30 to 35 games. So maybe it’s the teams that are looking to add that are a little bit more aggressive this time of year.”

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Sharks goaltender James Reimer is pending UFA and could be dealt by the March 3rd deadline. He’s not having a great year but could be a backup for a contender.

“It’s something you can’t control and with things you can’t control, you don’t give it too much thought,” Reimer said. “All you try and focus on is playing hard to being a good teammate and giving it your all every day. That’s really helped me.”