NHL Rumors: Philadelphia Flyers, GM Hot Potato, And More

Philadelphia Flyers: So What Is Next And Who Else Feels The Heat

Pierre LeBrun of The Athletic: The hot seat that is the Philadelphia Flyers now includes interim general manager Daniel Briere. It also includes a few other general managers around the NHL too.

Ultimately, the expectation lies that Briere becomes a full-time general manager when this process ends with Philadelphia. Few would be surprised if that does not occur sooner rather than later. For three years, Briere worked his way up the ladder, basically. He asked the right questions and delivered some correct answers too.

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Now, Briere knows this Flyers’ “insert R word here”, will be a long-duration event. This will take years, not months. It took a long way for Philadelphia to get to this point.

Furthermore, there are other general managers on the hot seat. Barry Trotz already has effectively replaced David Poile in Nashville (officially on July 1st). Kyle Dubas may still be on the hot seat in Toronto. Dubas would not be unemployed some if that were to happen.

Brad Treliving in Calgary becomes another question mark. Does he return if they do not make the playoffs? Stay tuned. Pierre Dorion awaits new ownership in Ottawa. That determines his fate more than likely.

Then, there comes Ron Hextall. New ownership forced him to keep the band together. Now, the Mike Sullivan-Hextall “disconnect” plays out in the first round. Can they advance? Let’s see how the apple cart shakes out.

Chicago Eagerly Awaits The Lottery

Scott Powers of The Athletic: Speculating about draft value proves to be a very dangerous position for teams awaiting the lottery.

For one, the Chicago Blackhawks are no exception. Kyle Davidson knows his job is safe, but how this draft and the next one or two go determines his eventual fate. He amassed a good deal of draft capital.

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“We’ve got to do our job at the draft table,” Davidson said recently when asked about the next phase of the rebuild. “We’ve invested in the draft process, and I have tons of trust in (director of amateur scouting) Mike Doneghey and our amateur scouting staff. Our first draft last year was a good one — was a great one, actually, I’d say. Hopefully, that trend continues. But that’s the way we see this thing being built is through the draft and through utilizing the draft capital that we’ve amassed, especially in the next draft coming up, so we’ll see how that goes and see where our picks land and what kind of players we can bring in and at what positions. We’ll go from there.”

Simply, that is it.