NHL Rumors: Several Teams Will Be Looking for a New Goalie This Offseason

Goalies Will Be a Hot Commodity This Summer

Dave Pagnotta of the Fourth Period joins Steve Kouleas and Luke Gazdic on the SiriusXM NHL Network Radio Power Play segment, and when asked about the goalie market, he stated that there will be several teams looking to make upgrades.

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Luke Gazdic: “Staying on that track, which team is in most dire need of upgrading in their crease? You mentioned LA. I said to Koolie earlier that Ottawa did not have a good showing in that. I know they have a new head coach, but who would you think out of all the teams is in most need of an upgrade?”

Dave Pagnotta: ” Yeah, I think I think there’s a few. You mentioned a couple there, like Ottawa was definitely not happy with Korprisalo’s outing. You know, this season could be an area that they should address. I’m not fully convinced the Toronto Maple Leafs are gonna put all their eggs in the Joseph Woll basket. And it wouldn’t surprise me to see them kind of explore that realm as well.

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You know, there’s going to be some other. Buffalo’s looking at that from a veteran side of things to bring somebody in. He might not be part of the big-time players, but you’re, you’re looking at that scenario.

You mentioned Jersey. You know, they have Jake Allen, he’s going to be the backup. They got to find themselves, whether it’s Markstrom or someone else now, in Calgary, if they move out Markstrom. The belief was that they were going to just roll with Wolf and Vladar, yes, thank you.

So they may, if they do move Markstrom out, they may just kind of hang tight with what they’ve got there in Calgary. Still, there’s there’s going to be some interesting movement. If Minnesota does move Gustavsson, they’re going to want to have a veteran presence as well to help out Mark Andre Fleury in his final year in the National Hockey League.

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And then kind of go from there if Nashville moves out Saros and that was the talk before they went on that that heater that they didn’t really want to goalie back at least from a number one perspective. They want to put their, their chips all on, on Askarov and see how Yari does moving forward with the keys and that’ll potentially be the plan for next season.

So I think there are a few teams that want to jig things, and then there are a few teams that want to just re-cement their positioning in that.”