NHL Rumors: The Edmonton Oilers aren’t the only team sniffing around the Columbus Blue Jackets

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek on 32 Thoughts: The Podcast – The Leafs wanted both Zadorov and Tanev episode, on teams who have been keeping an eye on the Columbus Blue Jackets.

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Friedman: “So the other thing too is like, this Columbus thing is pretty interesting, Jeff. I don’t think Edmonton’s the only team hanging …”

Marek: “By the way, when Elliott says this Columbus thing, what he’s referring to if you missed the last podcast is the Oilers have been around the Columbus Blue Jackets and maybe not just necessarily around the goaltending. Sorry, go ahead.”

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Friedman: “Thank you, narrator, that was very good and very helpful.

I don’t think they’re the only team that’s been around Columbus a little bit. I think Washington has been around them. I think Vegas has been around them. There’s some teams looking at it.

And know the the one thing I would say about Edmonton is, I don’t know if they wanted to do anything that just was lateral. I think they a) it was we have to find a way to give (Jack) Campbell one more chance here. And secondly, are we just going to make a trade for the hell of it, or are we going to, if we do anything, it’s going to be significant?”

Marek: “So this one could be a large deal?”

Friedman: “No, I’m not even saying that. I’m just more saying like, I like, I know that they’ve been following Columbus around a lot. And I know I said on the last podcast, they weren’t necessarily just looking at goalies, I think they were looking at everybody. I just think that, I’m not convinced there’s anything that close between them.

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I think Edmonton really feels that, look, (Connor) McDavid’s healthy. (Mattias) Ekholm’s healthy. We need to see if Campbell’s any better. We’re not rushing into anything. We’ll see. I could be totally wrong about that, but that’s the impression I kind of got.”