NHL Rumors: The Ottawa Senators are Looking at all Goaltending, Including Linus Ullmark

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman on the Jeff Marek Show talking about the Ottawa Senators’ interest in Boston Bruins goaltender Linus Ullmark, and why the Bruins wouldn’t make it easy for the Senators.

** NHLRumors.com transcription

Marek: “Okay, the other name is very much out there and Bruce Garrioch has been talking about this in his columns. And that’s Linus Ullmark and Boston Bruins.”

Friedman: “Yep.”

Marek: “We know that Ottawa is looking for netminding. I mean, listen, I think there’s a lot of teams, you mentioned Toronto…”

They were in on (Jacob) Markstrom. They were in on Markstrom.”

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Marek: “In on Markstrom. I think a lot teams, I think Columbus is probably looking for netminding here. Just mentioned Utah. We believe they would be looking for netminding as well.

Ullmark and the Ottawa Senators. Any smoke here?”

Friedman: “Oh, there’s smoke. Like Ottawa was in on him on the deadline. And it didn’t work. I, I heard that those at the time, those are really complicated conversations.

Marek: “Right.”

Friedman: “That’s what, like. I just heard that Ottawa was in but I just heard that they’re most serious offer and sometimes happens, didn’t come in until late. And it just wasn’t possible to do at the time.

So I have no doubt they’re back in. Ottawa’s definitely looking for goaltending. Like I said they were in on Markstrom. They were in on, I’m sure they’ve been on just on any potential goalie that is available here.

You know, the next thing is I read Bruce’s column, I saw with the ask is. It would be interesting because, like I said, goalie trades don’t tend to net that much, right? So I don’t blame Boston for asking. We’ll see what happens here.

I think Ottawa has got a few things they’re looking at. I know there were reports of something with Philly. I think that might be contingent on who’s available at the seventh pick because if like, if Philly has somebody there that they really like then there might be something on the table there.

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But I have no doubt that Ottawa is interested in Ullmark. I don’t think Boston’s gonna make that easy though.”